Preserved Timber, New Flags, and Uncovering a Little Known Portion of Windham’s History


Sunk in the waters of Canobie for over 80 years are the remains of the 1938 version of a pension-timber and logs whose value had dropped following the Hurricane of 1938 which routed the area.  Recently, Al Letizio, owner of A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing, Inc, partnered with Bill and Nick Marquis to raise some of the lumber and re-purpose it.  The raised logs were sent to Maine to be cut into slabs, dried, and then sent to Virginia where combat veteran, Ryan Baker, a U.S. Special Operations Green Beret who runs Old Glory 27 Flag Company used the wood to create 3×5 foot flags for Letizio.  One of the flags has been presented to the Windham selectmen and another will be given to NH Governor Chris Sununu.  Others along with trinkets made from the excavated wood will be available for sale or raffle to benefit Windham charities.

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