AJ Letizio Sales & Marketing Video Wall

February 10, 2017

AJ Letizio Sales & Marketing introduces their video wall at the Bozzuto's food show. Sporting nine 50-inch flat-panel displays, the video wall is the predominant feature in the Letizio trade show booth. Complementing the product presentations and the individual 50-inch flat panel displays showcasing each client, the video wall displays a compilation of all the client's products across a 9-foot screen. The video wall is the latest in a long line of food show innovations for Letizio, including the Meat Chopper and the Power On The Street hot rod.

Rediscovering Windham New Hampshire’s “Indian Rock”

November 17, 2015

Al Letizio, JR, CEO of A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing, was led by local Windham historian, 19-year-old, Derek Saffie to rediscover Windham, NH's oldest landmark, Indian Rock, which dates back thousands of years before the town of Windham ever existed. The Eagle-Tribune covered the event and the Letizio team documented it on film. You can read the story here and see the video here.

Happy Halloween, supporting our Friends raising funds to restore the Dam at Moeckel Pond

October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween, supporting our Friends raising funds to restore the Dam at Moeckel Pond. Marianne Henry, Crystal Milosh and Mike Angelo assemble the A.J. Letizio scarecrow in support of Windham's Moeckel Pond "Give a Dam" display contest.

A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing: Pasta Filata – The Art of Making Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

September 2, 2014

A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing presents Pasta Filata - the art of making fresh mozzarella cheese. Chef Pasquale Gaurella from the Polly-O Italian Cheese Company demonstrates how to stretch and knead cheese curds to produce a wide variety of individual mozzarella cheese.