News Releases

A.J. Letizio Retail Division Major Expansion in 2016

December 5, 2016

  A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing executed major moves in 2016 to further strengthen their retail team in support of its growing business throughout the United States eastern seaboard.  AJ Letizio’s Retail Division is pleased to announce the addition of Marc DiPersio, Vice President/Director of Fresh Foods, John Deroy, Vice President/Director of Bakery at A.J. Letizio, Deb Galliher, Business Manager and Adam Rexford, Fresh Foods Technician. “To be able to add these four industry experts simultaneously, including two recognized industry leaders, is unprecedented.  It adds additional depth in support of our valued clients and customers as we continue to execute our aggressive growth plans,” said Bob Tessitore, SVP/Retail at AJ Letizio. Al Letizio, President/CEO at AJ Letizio adds ‘It is rare that any company can add talented associates such as these who further exemplify the culture and values held dear to our organization.” Marc DiPersio joins the AJ Letizio Retail Team as the Vice President /Director of Fresh Foods.  Marc, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, brings 25 years’ experience in the Food Brokerage industry. Former Co-Owner of Top Line Food Sales, a Bakery Brokerage Servicing New England Upstate New York and Ahold Territories, Marc recently comes to AJ Letizio from Acosta Sales and marketing where he served as the Vice President of Fresh.  Marc and his wife Lisa and six children reside Derry NH. John Deroy joins the AJ Letizio Retail Team as the Vice President /Director of Bakery.  John brings 24 years’ experience in the Food Brokerage industry. Former Co-Owner of Top Line Food Sales, a Bakery Brokerage Servicing New England Upstate New York and Ahold Territories, John recently comes to AJ Letizio from Acosta Sales and marketing where he served as the Vice President of Bakery. “John’s charge will be to provide a focused approach to all of our Bakery Clients and Customers,” said Tessitore.  John and his wife Deb reside in Denver NC. Deb Galliher joins the AJ Letizio Retail Team as a Business Manager for the Western New York/Pennsylvania areas reporting to John Deroy, Vice President/Director of Bakery.  Deb brings 12 years’ experience in the Food industry. Coming from a family of bakers, Deb started her training and career working in her family’s bakery in Manchester NY. Continuing to hone her craft while an associate of Acosta Sales and Top Line Food Sales. “Deb brings with her a true understanding of the needs of her clients and customers, bringing a true dedication to their success. We are very pleased that she has elected to join us at AJ Letizio” said Tessitore.  Deb and her husband Jeremy along with their son Gavin reside in Rochester NY. Adam Rexford joins the company’s Retail Division as a Fresh Foods Technician, in support of the company’s continued growth in the New England Area.  A graduate of Johnson and Wales, Adam earned his degree in Culinary Arts.  Adam has worked for many years in support of the fine supermarket customers in New England while an associate at Acosta Sales and Top Line Sales.  “Adam has earned a great reputation throughout the marketplace as a talented and creative merchandiser bringing years of experience as a Bakery and Fresh Foods expert, “said Al Letizio. Adam will be working under the leadership of DiPersio in his new position at A.J. Letizio. Tessitore added “I’m very happy to have Adam joining us at AJ Letizio. Adam, joins a talented team of food industry experts across the eastern United States at A.J. Letizio, each passionate about providing their skills and knowledge in support of growing the business of their customers and clients.” Adam lives in Manchester NH with his wife Laura. A.J. Letizio announced a record year for sales growth in 2016 as the organization approaches its 30th year operating as a Sales & Marketing agency. The company continues in what is now 105 year family tradition of service tracing its origins back to the Letizio family meat market in Lawrence MA back in 1912.

A.J. Letizio comes out in numbers in support of New England Food Foundation!

November 23, 2016

At A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing, one of their fundamental missions is to give back to others. Throughout the year, their staff supports and volunteers for various community events. During the holidays, A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing had a large team at the New England Food Foundation Caravan! On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, at the Greater Boston Food Bank, the New England Food Foundation hosted their annual Holiday Caravan. This year, they were represented by 12 of our family members including Al Letizio, Patti Letizio, Bob Tessitore, Debbie Tessitore, Nick Letizio, Pauline Letizio, Kap Maksian, Chris Maksian, Jenna Maksian, Marc DiPersio, Lisa DiPersio and John Gentile. Joining AJL team members in the picture are Alma and Paul Wahlburg of A&E’s Wahlburgers, who were there filming a holiday special.

Al Letizio, Jr. named New England Food Foundation President!

September 30, 2016

  A.J. Letizio Sales &Marketing President Al Letizio, Jr. has been named president of the New England Food Foundation for 2017. Al and A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing have been strong supporters of the New England Food Foundation in the past. Al has served on the NEFF Board of Directors for several years, also holding the positions of Vice President and Secretary and as Chairman of the Website and Membership Committees. In addition, A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing has been very supportive of the organization’s 2 key annual events; the Golf Outing and the Food Caravan. John Gentile, Director of Center store at A.J. Letizio and past president of NEFF states, “it is an honor to work with NEFF in the fact that their sole existence is to support the children of our communities.”

Chef visits school to show the fun side of healthful food

March 21, 2016

WOODBRIDGE-When is a vegetable not really a vegetable? When it is transformed by a talented chef into turtles, flowers, butterflies, swans and even a freight train full of fruit and veggie cargo. Students at Beecher Road School were treated to a a spectacular display of food art when Chef Mark Desiderio from A.J. Letizio visited the school to show children the fun side of healthful foods. The event was facilitated by Lynn Pellegrini, the Director of K-12 school sales for A.J. Letizio, and was part of the superintendent's Cafeteria Task Force Initiative to expose students to healthier foods, integrate new healthful foods into school menus, and provide nutrition education on lifestyle habits. The chef began work early in the morning creating a swan from a honeydew melon with curing neck surrounding a colorful assortment of cut fruit. Next came a mother turtle from a round watermelon and two baby Granny smith green apple turtles--all nestled in a foodscape of romaine, chard and frilled leek "trees" Chef Mark then tried his hand at a new item he had recently seen: a train made from a long English cucumber. Slowly but surely a locomotive, than a caboose, and boxcars emerged. Round carrot slices became wheels and the cars were loaded with carrot stick "logs" melon balls and sliced yellow squash freight. When placed into a scene of cucumber chunk tree trunks with rosemary sprig branches, all that was missing the train whistle sound. It was the perfect visual kick-0ff for the February nutrition display theme "Get On Board the Healthy Heart Express" which uses National Heart Month as its focus.

During the five lunch waves at the school, students viewed the carvings close up as they made their way through the serving line.In the dining area, Chef Mark was busy at a demonstration station creating mini carvings of flowers, more turtles and characters, all out of fresh fruits and vegetables. Student interest was noticeably high as they crowded around the station to watch the transformation of ordinary foods into extraordinary creations. In addition to the food art event today, the Task Force initiatives have included monthly tastings of healthy side dishes so students can experience new foods in a fun and non-threatening way. These new foods are then added to the menu rotations as part of the recipe collection. Recipes are posted on the district website so children can go home and prepare the tasting items with their families. Tasting foods have included roasted squash boats, quinoa salad and a super food veggie slaw. Today’s event showed children that healthy foods can also be fun foods. Greens, squashes, root vegetables, melons, and herbs became entertaining objects that were even more entertaining because they watched the transformation. The measure of success for the event was made clear as student after student requested to taste the individual food carvings, even the ones made out of vegetables.