How does A.J. Letizio serve its clients and customers?


A.J. Letizio has a reputation for having the sound leadership, in-depth expertise and a personalized level of service to drive consistent results. We identify specific goals that our customers and clients wish to achieve and put our expertise to work to achieve those goals. Client Business Managers work together with Customer Account Managers to analyze, strategize and execute a plan to achieve our customer’s and client’s objectives. Our foodservice experts provide menu-able concepts that translate into creative solutions for restaurants. Our retail experts devise creative merchandising concepts and follow them through to flawless in-store execution, conducted by category expert while Category Management experts analyze the best assortment models for our customers, with information based strategies featuring our clients’ products. Our retail merchandisers are regularly in stores to ensure that our clients’ products are on the shelf and merchandised properly. Our Non-Foods team continues to deliver cutting edge solutions that balance creativity, cost, safety and environmental sustainability. And our Customer Service Team is there to manage the day to day challenges of order fulfilment, pricing accuracy and on-time delivery to our customers.

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