Community Involvement

Our Fundamental Mission – To Give Back To Others

For the privilege of being in the community, we feel it is important to give back to others and the community in which we reside.

Staff Member Involvement

We encourage each staff member and their families to actively be a part of this mission. Throughout the year, our staff supports and volunteers for various community organizations and events from Eagle Scouts holding car washes in our parking lot, letting the local community use the facility for meeting space, or collecting thousands of pounds of products that are assembled into bins and distributed into the local community to families who could use some quiet assistance to get through a difficult time.

We Want to Lead By Example

We don’t want to fade into the background. We want to lead by example in everything we do. We take pride in being a good neighbor. It’s not just about going for the bottom line.

“There’s no true success in life that does not involve service to others.” – George H. W. Bush