How does A.J. Letizio attract such a high caliber of talented staff and maintain such a very low rate of staff turnover?


It’s all about our culture. We recruit our team members carefully. Our staff love being able to excel as individuals while also being a part of a positive, dynamic, winning team where opportunity for personal and professional growth is fostered. We pride ourselves in creating a culture of excellence, a “family first” work environment, treating each associate and their families with respect and offering continuous professional development and advancement opportunities to keep our associates, the industry’s top performers, on a constant track for career and financial advancement. We work hard at providing a collegial, professional and inclusionary environment where teamwork is celebrated and individual accomplishment rewarded. We promote the ethic of work during work hours and where family time is treasured and comes first. We have unusually high performance expectations of every staff member and make it a practice to recognize our team members’ talents and accomplishments. We always face challenges together and we always share in the rewards of accomplishment.