What sectors does A.J. Letizio Serve?


A.J. Letizio started out by continuing the family’s tradition as Meat and Deli Experts, an expertise handed down over generations. During the period since 1997, the company has expanded greatly, not only in geographic coverage, but also by diversification into different sectors. A.J. Letizio remains committed to growing its team of experts in each of these sectors and is proud to bring that same depth of knowledge and passion to each category that it serves:

Retail Consumer Packaged Goods Division:

Retail Meat Department Experts
Retail Deli & Prepared Foods Department Experts
Retail Cheese Department Experts
Retail Seafood Department Experts
Retail Bakery Department Experts
Retail Center Store Grocery Department Experts
Retail Produce Department Experts
Retail Dairy & Frozen Foods Experts
Retail Natural & Specialty Foods Experts
Retail Club Store and Alternative Channel Experts
Retail Convenience Store Experts

Foodservice and Non-Food Products Division:

Foodservice and Culinary Experts
K-12 School Nutrition Experts
Non- Foods & Disposable Products Experts
Janitorial and Sanitary Products Experts