Why does A.J. Letizio dedicate so much resource to designing and building trade show exhibits?


A.J. Letizio is consistently recognized for assembling attractive, innovative, award winning trade show exhibits featuring our clients’ products.  There are many reasons that we take trade show exhibits so seriously. First, the creation of stand-out, attention-getting merchandising displays and concepts has been a family trademark that dates all the way back to how the family earned its reputation and distinguished itself from the competition back in 1912.  More than 100 years later, the tradition is still alive as A.J. Letizio displays and exhibits garner the admiration of customers, manufacturers and competitors alike at every venue. Winning just about every award for creativity and display excellence in every venue in every region, over decades is a testament to that passion and commitment to merchandising magic. Our displays are meant to elicit the type of response that drives sales and profits for our business partners and puts them at the head of the class in how their products are showcased and displayed to customers. It is also a chance for A.J. Letizio to set and demonstrate new trends in the categories we serve. Each team member is an expert, talented at creating merchandising magic in his/her respective area of expertise. Each team member is deeply passionate about promoting and showcasing our clients products and their attributes. As an example, our culinary team interacts with our customers, presenting creative methods and uses of our products, translated into profitable    menu-able concepts. These ideas keep A.J. Letizio customers on the cutting edge. Our displays are always designed to be memorable, have value to everyone who walks down a trade show exhibit aisle, and demonstrate a high level of expertise. Our customers and clients love what we do and that makes the extra effort worthwhile.