Choose A.J. Letizio because we make things happen…

“Making It Happen.” It’s not just our company slogan, it’s a way of life at A.J. Letizio. As a client of A.J. Letizio, we make things happen for you with a single minded drive to win in all that we do. Coupled with our know-how and through our depth of relationships with a wide spectrum of decision makers across all channels who rely on our consultative approach, A.J. Letizio clients and customers get all the services and more that are provided by the national sales agencies, but delivered with the personalized attention and that smaller company feel that reminds you every day that every aspect of your business is very important to us.

Choose A.J. Letizio because of our expertise & continuity of success…

It’s been over 100 years that Letizio family members have served as trusted experts to our customers and clients and our team has never been stronger and possessed more expertise than today. In an environment of consolidation, loss of personalized attention and ever changing company names and rosters, A.J. Letizio stands apart in contrast with an organization whose team members’ service spans decades, wearing the same company name, logo and under the same ownership and management for decades. Our category, brand and customer knowledge is unparalleled and is forged over a century of delivering results and building success. We are also proud of the reputation we have earned as industry trendsetters, incorporating the latest in technology with our team members, providing them with all the tools available to easily access and process key information needed to drive successful market strategies and to guide sound decision making. All this, with the best, most well respected associates in front of customers more often, we can deliver superior results in placing new items, driving greater growth with existing business and creating consistent operator success.

Choose A.J. Letizio because we measure our success by the success we create for our customers and clients…

In growing the business of our customers and clients, it comes down to results and results don’t happen by accident. Our team is passionate about those whom we serve and about consistently bringing home those results that are beyond expectation. We don’t just wish for results or hope for results, we MAKE results happen, day after day, year after year, decade after decade, planning, executing and delivering on our promises consistently. Our success comes only after we achieve your success.

  • Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association
  • School Nutrition Association
  • International Sanitary Supply Association
  • Manufacturers’ Agents National Association
  • National Frozen and Refridgerated Association