• How many clients does A.J. Letizio represent?
    • At A.J. Letizio, we pride ourselves in the personalized service that we provide to our customers and clients. We strive to deliver service that makes each client feel like part of the family, whose business is appreciated and managed like it was our own. We also pride ourselves in NOT representing competing brands within categories. Each of our company’s divisions represent a complimentary portfolio of respected brands that provide our customers with great choices to build sales and profits. The foundation of our business is with client and customer relationships that have been grown over decades of service.

  • Where is A.J. Letizio headquartered?
    • We own and operate our state-of-the-art corporate headquarters at the A.J. Letizio Enterprise Center at Fifty-Five Enterprise Drive in Windham, New Hampshire, just north of Boston. The facility houses a full featured test kitchen and training center, refrigerated, frozen and shelf stable product sample storage, a full photography and videography studio, multiple video conferencing rooms and several meeting rooms and offices where our clients, customers and community members are welcomed every day. Staff and support personnel live and work throughout our coverage area in the Eastern United States.

  • How long has A.J. Letizio been in business ?
    • A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing was founded by Al Letizio, Jr. and wife Patti Letizio in 1988, but the Letizio family traces its origins to People’s Cash Market, the family’s meat market, established back in 1912 in the immigrant city of Lawrence Massachusetts. The family has provided continuous service to the food industry over four generations, with the fifth generation of Letizios entering the family business in 2016, spanning more than a century since the first family member got things started.

  • What sectors does A.J. Letizio Serve?
    • A.J. Letizio started out by continuing the family’s tradition as Meat and Deli Experts, an expertise handed down over generations. During the period since 1997, the company has expanded greatly, not only in geographic coverage, but also by diversification into different sectors. A.J. Letizio remains committed to growing its team of experts in each of these sectors and is proud to bring that same depth of knowledge and passion to each category that it serves:

      Retail Consumer Packaged Goods Division:

      Retail Meat Department Experts
      Retail Deli & Prepared Foods Department Experts
      Retail Cheese Department Experts
      Retail Seafood Department Experts
      Retail Bakery Department Experts
      Retail Center Store Grocery Department Experts
      Retail Produce Department Experts
      Retail Dairy & Frozen Foods Experts
      Retail Natural & Specialty Foods Experts
      Retail Club Store and Alternative Channel Experts
      Retail Convenience Store Experts

      Foodservice and Non-Food Products Division:

      Foodservice and Culinary Experts
      K-12 School Nutrition Experts
      Non- Foods & Disposable Products Experts
      Janitorial and Sanitary Products Experts
  • Why does A.J. Letizio dedicate so much resource to designing and building trade show exhibits?
    • A.J. Letizio is consistently recognized for assembling attractive, innovative, award winning trade show exhibits featuring our clients’ products.  There are many reasons that we take trade show exhibits so seriously. First, the creation of stand-out, attention-getting merchandising displays and concepts has been a family trademark that dates all the way back to how the family earned its reputation and distinguished itself from the competition back in 1912.  More than 100 years later, the tradition is still alive as A.J. Letizio displays and exhibits garner the admiration of customers, manufacturers and competitors alike at every venue. Winning just about every award for creativity and display excellence in every venue in every region, over decades is a testament to that passion and commitment to merchandising magic. Our displays are meant to elicit the type of response that drives sales and profits for our business partners and puts them at the head of the class in how their products are showcased and displayed to customers. It is also a chance for A.J. Letizio to set and demonstrate new trends in the categories we serve. Each team member is an expert, talented at creating merchandising magic in his/her respective area of expertise. Each team member is deeply passionate about promoting and showcasing our clients products and their attributes. As an example, our culinary team interacts with our customers, presenting creative methods and uses of our products, translated into profitable    menu-able concepts. These ideas keep A.J. Letizio customers on the cutting edge. Our displays are always designed to be memorable, have value to everyone who walks down a trade show exhibit aisle, and demonstrate a high level of expertise. Our customers and clients love what we do and that makes the extra effort worthwhile.

  • How does A.J. Letizio attract such a high caliber of talented staff and maintain such a very low rate of staff turnover?
    • It’s all about our culture. We recruit our team members carefully. Our staff love being able to excel as individuals while also being a part of a positive, dynamic, winning team where opportunity for personal and professional growth is fostered. We pride ourselves in creating a culture of excellence, a “family first” work environment, treating each associate and their families with respect and offering continuous professional development and advancement opportunities to keep our associates, the industry’s top performers, on a constant track for career and financial advancement. We work hard at providing a collegial, professional and inclusionary environment where teamwork is celebrated and individual accomplishment rewarded. We promote the ethic of work during work hours and where family time is treasured and comes first. We have unusually high performance expectations of every staff member and make it a practice to recognize our team members’ talents and accomplishments. We always face challenges together and we always share in the rewards of accomplishment.

  • Where do you see the industry heading with all the changes that are going on today?
    • This is one of the most frequently asked questions and the same question that we have heard since the early days back in 1912. “Will the consolidation of the smaller players into the larger national players continue and how will it affect business? (this question was asked in 1925 relating to the growth of the Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P) and how the chain and others like it at the time were leading to the “end of an era” in the locally operated grocery store business. I guess the best answer is that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The perspective we’ve gained over 100 years of business is that change is constant and things in business are always evolving. We at A.J. Letizio have made it our mission to embrace change and remain on the cutting edge. We’ve never lost sight of the fact that productivity and the ability to deliver a consistently exceptional service at a fair price, never goes out of style. Our customers, the individual operating units of our business will always need to be the focus in our industry as they are the ones who are buying the products that our clients sell. This will never change no matter what direction our industry takes.  We make sure that we maintain close and personal relationships with every one of these operators and continue to serve them with an ever-evolving array of products, ideas and service that help them be profitable and successful. We make it our business to be able to meet or  the service levels of our “national” counterparts, while delivering personalized, expert service  and personal contact that make each client feel like they’re our only client.

  • How many trucks do you we operate? Where is our shipping department located?
    • A.J. Letizio does not warehouse or ship products, therefore we don’t operate a facility where products are stored. We are a professional sales and marketing agency. Although we manage the ordering of products between our customers and clients, it’s our clients who arrange the logistics on freight and shipment of their products to the customers.

  • As a manufacturer, I have a choice as to who is the best fit as my Sales & Marketing Agency. How can I be sure that the one I choose will be the right fit?
    • Among other qualities, consider choosing a Sales & Marketing Agency based on the following qualities:

      Experience – Do they have the expertise to sell my product line? Do they represent product lines whose success I would like to emulate?

      Motivation – Do they demonstrate a passion for selling my product line?

      Contacts – Are they connected to the right people that I need grow my business?

      History – Do they have a track record of success?

      Product Line Mix – Are they representing compatible

      Availability– Do they have the time to devote to my line?

      Service Level– Will they be there when I need them?

  • How has A.J. Letizio grown its business as a Sales & Marketing Agency and is continued growth expected?
    • We at A.J. Letizio continue to expand our geographic and category coverage. We do so through both strategic acquisitions, recruitment of talented individuals and teams and through organic growth of our business. We’ve grown our base in a solid manner, we have not sold our company, merged into an alliance of agencies to appear as a single national or regional entity. We won’t compromise our ownership, identity or values. We continue to operate with a 20-year business plan in place. We’ve been in business under the same name and trademark for decades.

      We plan to continue our geographic expansion and expansion into new channels into the future. This expansion will be enabled through the addition of talented staff members to our team as well as through additional selected acquisitions other Sales Agencies in our core service region as well as new regions as appropriate.

  • How does A.J. Letizio serve its clients and customers?
    • A.J. Letizio has a reputation for having the sound leadership, in-depth expertise and a personalized level of service to drive consistent results. We identify specific goals that our customers and clients wish to achieve and put our expertise to work to achieve those goals. Client Business Managers work together with Customer Account Managers to analyze, strategize and execute a plan to achieve our customer’s and client’s objectives. Our foodservice experts provide menu-able concepts that translate into creative solutions for restaurants. Our retail experts devise creative merchandising concepts and follow them through to flawless in-store execution, conducted by category expert while Category Management experts analyze the best assortment models for our customers, with information based strategies featuring our clients’ products. Our retail merchandisers are regularly in stores to ensure that our clients’ products are on the shelf and merchandised properly. Our Non-Foods team continues to deliver cutting edge solutions that balance creativity, cost, safety and environmental sustainability. And our Customer Service Team is there to manage the day to day challenges of order fulfilment, pricing accuracy and on-time delivery to our customers.